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Smart on Crime

Vote Yes for Public Safety!

Lincoln County is a beautiful place to live and a great place to raise a family, however our crime rate has reached a tipping point. Your local Sheriff’s Deputies are strapped and desperately seek your help in solving our community’s problems by voting “Yes” for Public Safety.  

·         Corrections deputies continue to see high jail recidivism and persons with mental illness housed in our jail as other community needs are not met.

·         Solution: Yes on Public Safety provides funding for proven programs and job training to reduce recidivism, funds a full time work crew deputy for an inmate work crew to address community needs and allows for an inmate counselor to help mentally ill inmates.  

·         Patrol deputies see the after affects of assaults on persons and property crimes that occur when none of us are on duty. In fact, the number of patrol deputies for Lincoln County has not increased in over 25 years and there are not enough of us to provide 24 hour coverage.

·         Solution: Yes on Public Safety smartly provides a modest increase of patrol deputies to ensure 24 hour patrol coverage 7 days a week for all Lincoln County. 24/7 patrol coverage is a must for citizen safety and security of property.

·         Patrol deputies and detectives see daily the human toll of illegal drug use by addicted parents who abuse children and property crimes perpetuated by persons who steal to support their habit. 

·         Solution: Yes on Public Safety provides both a full-time drug detective to shut down local illegal drug dealers and a supervisor position to help detectives currently working on abuse and property crime cases.

We, your local public safety servants, view Public Safety measure 21-186 as a smart and effective solution to our county’s crime rate and that it will improve quality of life for all who live and visit Lincoln County. 

Annual property tax cost... $.46/$1000 assessed value.

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